author Joslin Fitzgerald and her puppy, Angel
Joslin and her sweet pup, Angel

In another life, Christian author Joslin Fitzgerald might have been a dedicated missionary, going into foreign territories spreading the love of Jesus.

In this life, however, Joslin is a dedicated wife and mother who uses her talent with words and art to share God’s love virtually. She calls herself a “dictionary missionary”, using creativity to gain entrance into the homes and hearts of her readers, spreading the Gospel as she goes.

She was inspired to begin work on her Circles Legacy Series just over 10 years ago, and in that time she’s completed over 5,000 pages to tell the saga of the Payne family’s journey through hell and redemption.

Along the way, she also found herself called to create stories and software for children, using her gift of word play to creatively engage inquisitive little minds. Her children’s products are fun and entertaining, while providing an educational aspect that parents and grandparents appreciate.

With her two sons and two stepchildren grown and out of the house, Joslin’s average day includes prayerfully following where God leads her… usually creating new stories or artwork with her little companion Angel sitting in her lap.  There’s no place she’d rather be!

10 Fun Facts About Joslin

  1. Her legal name is Mary Fitzgerald Joslin but she uses Joslin Fitzgerald as her pen name to honor her birth and marital families.
  2. She’s 100% Irish on both sides of her family.
  3. She has a passion for collecting Santa Clauses from all over the world; her largest is seven feet tall and her oldest predates the Civil War. (Her collection has been featured on television, in  newspapers, and in home tours!)
  4. She modeled professionally for three years.
  5. Her favorite color is the rainbow because like Skittles, she can’t choose just one.
  6. She’s visited over 32 countries and lived in Saudi Arabia for seven years.
  7. She’s taught children for over 30 years, running her own preschools, Mother’s Day out programs, and in Sunday School.
  8. She’s a documented Daughter of the American Revolution as well as a Daughter of the Confederacy.
  9. In addition to writing, Joslin is also a professional artist and singer.
  10. Joslin’s favorite season is Autumn.