"Yes indeed we need to think about time coming, and connectively we also need to consider sleeping through HOUR time remaining, as we are going through Our time left when there won’t be any OUR time existing for you and me.

Absolutely that will be a different time in Our times, and in that time difference, as we are falling back, or flying away high in the sky it’s very important for you to find the purpose of your time in your stay, as it is going Bye!

Therefore you need to know the only person that controls HOUR time and makes sense of time is the one that made you at the beginning of your time. Yes that is our Lord God who started time, and who in HOUR time is waiting for us to make up Our minds. Yes life is All About Time running out, as we are trying to outsmart time. Definitely as Our time is moving on and on Life is about getting there in time before HOUR time is gone!" Joslin Fitzgerald