"In life there are many different ways to fall. You can fall forward. You can fall backward. You can fall apart. You can fall for someone’s lie. You can fall behind. You can fall flat. You can fall in love. You can fall down. You can be a fall guy as you fall for somebody’s lines. And in the Fall when the autumn leaves are falling and the cold winds are blowing it’s very important that we remember to FALL BACK and REWIND OUR CLOCKS one hour, so we can be on time. Yes indeed in following the falling signs there are a lot of ways to fall in life! But the one way you don’t want to fall, you don’t want to fall for the devils lies, or fall for his evil crimes. In that fall out you don’t want to become a fallen angel and you don’t want to fall from grace, because if you do you won’t go to heaven or touch Jesus face. Tragically in that last fall…. without Jesus in that final fallings calling…. Falling flat on your face, you will eternally fall into the rotting grave and that is where you will stay! Yes the fall from heaven (if you make the wrong decision) will trash your soul in that horrific falling collision. Sadly in that fatal fall, taking you to hell in the demons tormented fireball, caught under satan’s spell that will be the worst fall of all.” Joslin Fitzgerald