In consideration of pain, as we are in the eye of our storms we will find it hard to be thankful for problems and troubles in those days. Nonetheless as we are caught in the eye of the storm we are required to survive, and to be strengthened by faith as we live…..and as we die. Yes as the pain arrives that is when we will fly. That is also when (if we survive in our earthly lives) we will reach down deep inside. Thankfully it is in the midst of the lies , our cries, and injuries when we will get on our knees in prayer and stretch our hands to the sky and praise the Lord God who lives there . Yes it is in the hard times of our lives as we reach for Jesus Christ (who is holding us up) that our soul will sing and in the eye of the storm that is when we will be truly thankfully strengthened. Absolutely when we are in the eye of the storm that is when we will realize what being truly thankful really is…. as in every “WHY” there is a time and a season for the rain, as the storms of our pain are going bye.” Joslin Fitzgerald