> “Why me? Well if it makes you feel better at one time or another we all ask Why Me?
> If it makes you happy, you should know that we are all lost as we are making our way to the Cross. Yes in the “WHY ME’S” of life, as we believe
> the devils Lies, all of those sad, mad, bad, things are happening to All of us as we are crying. Absolutely as we
> juggle our plates, balls, and cups trying to keep everything Up in the air, we All live in secret levels of despair.
> Happily, however as we learn that faith keeps us balanced, we will also agree without the bad, sad, mad things in our life’s ,and the “WHY ME’S” there would be no need for breathing. Yes we will each
> find as we are fighting and surviving all of our sad, bad, mad, things in our time (that make us who we are in life)…..
> by finding Jesus Christ going through our trials, and challenging tribulations, our time on earth has meaning.” Joslin Fitzgerald