“In its track of sight and trace of plight, I have often wondered how heavy a tear really is. Accordingly I agree with me in some ways a mere tear can be as light as the falling rain that it softly mimics, dropping on the same day that it’s watery presence is arriving. In other
ways a steering tear can be as heavy as the elephantine pressure on the heart that it’s cracking
apart. Yes a tear of Thanksgiving can be as light as a happy whisper, or as tragically heavy as an anvil of temper slamming into steel, because a tear of Thanksgiving can be one
of soft soaring gladness, or another one heavily laden with great grieving sadness as it finds its
healing purpose. So how heavy is a silent tear, well my dear friend it all depends on why the quite tear has fallen, and in its entwined arrivals calling, that all hinges on where you are in life.” Joslin Fitzgerald