“In my life I have found as the wise person seeks and searches they will discover their revelation. I have also found as life goes around a bend, its course is changed. I have further found as the heart breaks, its path rearranges. I have additionally found as love wanes, the mind becomes deranged. In my life I have

found many things true again and again, as I have similarly verified, while the minutes pass away in their seeking, they will bring illumination to the end of the creeping away day. Mercifully I have moreover discovered in seeking and then in being found, in the Lords astounding sought after love, we are never lost as we walk this ground. Yes I have found

as the hands on the clock go around, while we wisely seek the Star’s glow, leading us from “Cradle to Cross” above and below, in that “homecoming welcome” we will all find our way back to heaven.” Joslin Fitzgerald