“In stating the obvious, things, holidays, presents, and of course Christmas trees will come and go. In their hollowday trappings of goings and comings those earthly things will disappoint you, and leave you cold, as they won’t even light up your tree or your eyes. No those earthly things you think you need, will not save your life, as they dry up and like a dead leaf in their leaving go on by. Woefully the things of
the earth will taunt you, and their disappointment will haunt you, because they are never right. Sadly those things of earth will get lost. The things of earth will be the wrong kind, or wrong size. No the earthly
Things that you think you are wanting to fulfill your life will never be right no matter how hard they try, because those fragile presents will be gone quickly as they rust then turn into dust. On the other hand
Jesus Christ who has given US the GREATEST PRESENT dawn to dusk will give you eternal days and nights. And in the Lord’s light of salvation and forgiveness of your sins you will Not die.”Joslin Fitzgerald