“In accepting your salvation as you bow your head, and bend your knee at the Cradle to the Cross, coming from the angels follow through, you too will know the reason for everything

Happily accepting JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR SAVIOR you also will testify that there will be one right present, one day or night coming in your life that you will accept, that you will never forget. Mercifully receiving your salvation, you too will claim, that is the Perfect Present of your redemption, that is an immortal gift guaranteed to be eternally kind. Yes that will be the perfect present coming to you in your past, present, or in your future, that will make everything alright.

Sweetly your salvation with the forgiveness of your sins will be the Prefect present as you too will discover your hollow days, becoming Holy-days, when you accept heaven, and ask Jesus Christ to bring his Eternal light into your life.” Joslin Fitzgerald