In this news bulletin I am happy to announce the Exciting news that I have changed publishers!

However, I am sorry to say, (that even though this is awesome news for me) that it has briefly taken my two novels “A Circle to Insight,”
“A Circle of Chaos” temporarily out of distribution.

Accordingly due to this distribution disturbance, and inconvenience to my readers….
Beginning the end of May to the end of September I will again be offering these books for sale through my web site Only in the USA.

And during this time these books will be offered with Autograph!

The same news update applies for my upcoming children’s book due to release in May, “An Escaping Princess and a Runaway a Prince”
And during this special time it too will be offered Autographed!

Plus more NEWS by Christmas
I will have 5 BOOKS back in distribution!

Yes 5 Books!

Happily at this time I am also currently under contract for my 2nd children’s book called


Additionally more Good News none of this is affecting my first novel “At Circles Bend,” as it is still selling through Amazon and all major Distributors!