“Hence I am wondering how many more storms have you gone through? And in your life how many more tornados of disappointments or hurricanes of pain, do you think are coming that will turn you black and blue. Sadly in the storms dissipating or arriving how many times have you wondered why you had to cry, or why someone lied, or why somebody had to die? In asking that I can tell you from personal experience that there is a reason for the tears, and a purpose for our stormy days. Yes there is an explanation for the fear and the pain. So just as you will one day be going somewhere over the rainbow, or to hells eternal fire, please know, as the cold hard tempest blows in the rain, you are blooming! Therefore to find our season to live and to fly, we all need the rain to grow. Yes we need the wild winds to blow to get us to heaven and to take us where we need to be going, as we each figure out the season for the pain, and understand the reason for the rain, while we survive more storms coming.” Joslin Fitzgerald