author Joslin Fitzgerald and her puppy, Angel
Joslin and her sweet pup, Angel


Is a novelist and children’s book writer. She has many books in professional distribution all over the world.

With more books coming, writing from home, as she holds her  Pomeranian dog Angel on her lap, Joslin creates UNIQUE ONE OF A KIND FAIRY TALES…. that each Playfully teach children valuable life lessons everyday.

These lessons include the need for eating correctly, exercising, obeying, loving, learning, listening, following instructions, trusting, facing fears, friendship, and doing unto others as you want them to do unto you.

Her enchanted books are written for all children no matter their faith, age, shapes, races, grades, or the looks on their faces!

Happily everybody young or old will Love the CRAZY, FUNNY, ZANY, MAGICAL ADVENTURES being told! And their care givers will appreciate the wild stories and nice values they teach to all ages (as everybody reading to their kids or the kids’ reading to themselves) learn wonderful life lessons within their reach.

Joslin has additionally written the CIRCLES LEGACY SERIES. Currently she has three of the thrilling Fictional Novels completed and offered for sale. These novels have been written in a series…. yet for reader convenience they also stand alone…. as each book is a separate chilling ride trying to find their way back home.

Additionally these exciting  books, based on real life adventures….while lightly touched and kissed by a sweet Angelic Christian spirit, will take the reader all over the world on a MAGIC CARPET RIDE. Hence crossing the ocean and many fences as their challenging journey takes this fictional transplanted, brave crazed family through love, abuse, happiness, sadness, hell to heavenly redemption… one has to wonder …will their rescue arrive in time? So needing to find the answer to that survival question ….