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As a mother and long term preschool owner, Joslin has always been passionate about providing curious young minds with fun learning opportunities. That’s why she’s excited to explore a new avenue of teaching:  creating children’s book and craft activities that help parents and caregivers teach strong values in a fun and entertaining way.

The Moral to the Story is, RULES ARE COOL Series

The Moral to the Story is…. Rules are Cool, is a  series of charming Happy everyday play books for ALL ages, for all religions, for all kinds of kids no matter their , shapes, weights or tales taste. Yes the books are for neat faces of every race. Happily these “PLEASE READ TO ME” SWEET DAYTIME OR BEDTIME STORYS , or EARLY READER….. “PLEASE, I CAN DO IT  MYSELF EASILY” chapter books are designed to teach EVERY CHILD important life lessons such as being good friends, loving the un-lovable, obeying their parents, learning consequences, facing their fears, respecting people with differences, appreciating their blessings, not to run away, to eat correctly, don’t be afraid, and treating others with kindness.

Your child is sure to love the fun images and silly billy rhymy chimey writing style, while parents and caregivers will love the entertaining way these books tackle important life values.

Book 1:  An Escaping Princess and a Runaway Prince

9781631858918largeIn this book  Parents make rules to keep children safe and sound, but small ones don’t always understand and think that Mom and Dad are being horrible meanies! Yes the kids would rather chase the invisible elusive  fairy tales shore to shore than appreciate the sweet real things found behind their own front doors.

This is exactly why Princess Kay and her twin brother Prince Jay decide that they must run away the first day in May.

In their decision, their escapades will take them to an enchanted  land named Tea Cup Town found in a magical garbage dump in Buggy Land. Here Kay and Jay will chase fairies and giants. And they will also play, where  Huge mystical  insects rule as little children learn in the itches, glitches, rashes, scratches, and hitches in life that they run into…. no matter where they roam, that there’s never been a place as wonderful, also kind and nice, as home sweet home!

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